Friday, 16 January 2015

I'd be damned

I'm there just sit in your stance?
and what do i do?

I'm just there to sit in your stance,
watch it all come down to romance,
what is this that you call psychedelic trance?

why are these sounds in my head feeling the need to enhance,
why can i hear everything from a bees haze to the underlying daze
of a bird and a fly and frog if you must from forests,
and space alike watching it all come to life sitting
under a tree eating banana and strawberry
watching your messy hair 
and your gentle smile and then i move myself, 
that was the time, 
but it didn't have it all or i wouldn't bow to fall
 i would take your hand as you take me by your gentle nudge,
come on outside,
there's a lot to munch
but it always feels like i'm eating brunch
and then the moment starts to occur and the birds
start to flutter and a city of life in thrive
and there's more to see and much much more
to be and your gentle footsteps 
did guide you to where you had to be just not in the time, 
the future is still meant to be so just watch these 
lines and these directions come alive,
and follow the rail and electricity 
and light follow it all let your senses be enticed, 
it's a city of bright souls and burning gold and 
whats there to unfold is that there is nothing,
that is not planned, 
and there is everything that is left unmanned
as you walk past the gates in gentle or rush
you see what happens when its all over, the falling dust.

In your own sounds you've invested the trust
and now it's beyond power or lust.
It's the virtue to explore as you walk into open doors,
flying in your smile, and inquisitive all the time.
It's the only fuel that drives us, 
it's curiosity and its the foretold 
and you mess up your minds as you try to make up rhymes
of what i must be to you or what you must think i do,
or i is it you or i is me, 
or what are you trying to see, between the lines,
it's nothing but a shrine, 
a value if you must, 
it's the added color to every dish,
it's that extra pound of ice, that makes the biggest boat sink
but it does happen and when it does, there is a gush.

A strong wind, a gentler tide,
it's always greener on the other side.
But on both those sides stand persons 
who look at one another from their own sides, 
and then they understand 
that's how it's all meant to thrive.
To make sense of 2, there must be a 4. 
To make sense of 6 there must be a 12. 
What are these dungeons in which we dwell.
What are these places, where i've visited before.
Only now do i feel like i'm 104. 
But that's not the point, look at me, i'm just young, 
I've been curious and i've been stung, 
I've been caught up in the witches battle, 
i've been riding a horse without a saddle.
Think, if what you feel is that what you think, you feel.
Do you know then how to close the deal.?

It's a state of mind yo.

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