Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dance In-Session

Well, you know this feeling already. 
You've felt it happen a million times,
and every time, It's brighter.

I'm talking about this beautiful kind of pain.
I never thought pain could be such a happy thing.
No, It's not what you imagine it at questo momento, to be.

It's closer to the sadistic kind of pleasure, true.
But it's more to do with the feeling of being alive again.
I'm talking about dancing to something,
without even trying to.
When you're in the flow,
It's not volunteering anymore.
It becomes a reflex, naturalistic movement.
Your body may feel sore,
But you just don't want to stop.

It's that feeling when music hits you.
A wave of emotions and heat,
Blasting through your body and mind.
Your soul elevated.
Thumping and bouncing up and down on a concrete play ground.
It's the feeling which makes one younger.
Down to your deepest level of innocence.

The feeling of being a child again.
Where you don't try and understand,
You're just trying to let it pass through you.
And at that moment, you're infinite.
Yes, i remember the perks of being a wall flower.
And it's exactly the kind of emotion i'm elaborating.

It's the highest sensation,
when time stops in front of your eyes.
Depends,on your eye though.
What catches it's gaze.
The color of her eyes, the softness of her skin.
The people becoming one wave.
That's when the music wins.

Of course, there is no competition.
There will never be,
and there was never any to begin with.

Ideals and constructions of society,
or of the modern day homo-sapiens, maybe.
But all in all, it's just a wall.
A brick or a prick,
there's a conscience to everything.
Just as there is a gender to a feeling.

Ever felt a feeling in terms of it's masculinity, or femininity?
Ever tried to switch from one to another,
Helping the one understand the other?
It's a standstill, Grammy winning moment, sure.
You do know that inside your own eyes lay a million smiles.
But which one you choose,
or rather which one prevails in the moment,
Is what you're truly about.

But i'd say forget about it,
Because interpretation isn't a must.
Go ahead, if you remember it's essence well enough.
But don't try to explain it.

Perche' ?

Because essence is something aromatic.
It's the smell of something beautiful,
whatever beautiful is to you.
And when you feel it's sensations,
by one of your many senses,
You can perceive how it feels.
To trails of thought and beyond,
If you think about it, there's no difference,
between an ocean or a pond.

The only way you can tell,
Is it's vastness in front of your eyes.
But what happens when you're drowning?
It's the same for a bucket or river,
It's death that makes us shiver.
But fear not if you do,
for all water in color seems blue.

Yet it's not transparent at times,
And then you start to question it as a crime.
So let it pass through you.
It's temperature may attack your heart.
It's sharpness may caress your skin.
It's slippery disguise may entice your soul.
But when it's taken you over,
Your cloth won't have a single fold.

It's all stretched out, 
and you can have what you may.
For the universe to love you,
You don't need to pray.
It is a part of you, and you are a part of it.
Just be yourself,
Whatever it is you be.

And you will begin to see.
The ocean even in the sea.

Ci sentiamo presto!


  1. Very nice lines.I like your post.Thank you so much for share..

  2. Thank you so much for the read as well! :)) stay tuned

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