Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Benvenuti alla Vita

Well, i'd want to say just a few shades,
here and there where the souls trade.
It's the fantasy of this family,
where we live as if it's not insanity.

Follow the tunes!

But the truth is you must,
find the gold in the dust.
It wasn't said it'll be easy.

Like a shiny silver dot,
in the middle of a lava pot,
that refuses to melt,
no matter how many tonnes of pain it felt.

It's a molten reality,
where you can't describe what's clarity,
but what remains true is the shade you see,
because the world is made of colors,
for different eyes to see.

But yet you know, they're meant to see differently!
Of course, it's so easy.
Everything is in front of you,
But you can't even tell raindrops from dew.

Well to hell with it all,
Isn't that the final call?

What's in this game that i play with myself,
What's the trophy if there isn't no shelf.
What's there to display if the screen is broken,
What's an arcade game without a token.

It's this.
It's a glimpse of what is,
It's a glimpse of what can be,
It's a glimpse of what you cannot do,
It's a glimpse of green sitting in the blue.

But what do you have to lose,
when you're not the one who has to choose.
But chosen is what comes to you,
who makes the decision will never come through.

I know,I know.
What's the point of this mind numbing wordplay,
What's the color between the summoning of gray.
What happened to the smoke that went inside?
What happened to the world that crumbled outside?

How can you see destruction of everlasting construction.
But,how can you not?
For something new to stand, 
doesn't something old have to fall?

Is there not enough space, for the blood to not leave a trace.
Well, blood you must shed, for it's the ground you tread.
That you see is more than one choice,
That's where you understand.
You can take more than one.

So many times you have.
Ever heard about parallel realities?
Once you have a thought,
and then a million ways to go about it..
Ever wonder what goes on around it?

The world is metaphysical as we know it,
Well, I know it, you can choose to quit,
But listen to me clear if you must,
Do let your love turn to lust.
Then you'll find passion, and you'll know.

It' can always rain, but rarely does it snow.
Yeah, i speak no sense, 
but hence i must,
for wonder now what's lost in the dust?

That parallel choice, makes a decision for you.
When you think of blue, 
you know there are so many hues,
but when all the colors flash in your eyes,
And you arrive at what you think is you,
You've chosen every other color,
In this moment, it's true.

Somewhere out there,
Maybe in the slightest of vibration,
you've taken the green.
you've taken the Celeste.
you've taken the turquoise.
But you're least interested.

Why would you be,
as humans parallel realities,
we're not meant to see!
But who say's stop yourself from understanding,
what you can never begin to explain,
Why do you have to refrain?

I know why, because you fear the insane.
You fear society and it's pleasures,
You fear to be behind all it's treasures.
Well, what have you?
Some wine, some smiles and laughing at the divine?
Why not, the evening is fine.

Someone out there is dying.
And that someone out there can be you.
Only then you realize, that even snow can be dew.
How? Oh how infuriated i am.

It's water, and forms of it at all.
Temperatures they give it's duty call.
That decides what form it takes,
And it's up to you to understand.

Oh yeah, I'm not sane.
That is the plan.

One day,I'm going to be sitting there,
by the window,
with a broad ray of light filling the dark room,
Staring at the smoke falling as water from my being,
And you'll be looking at me,
Trying to understand what i'm seeing.

And you'll never ask me why.
Because you're the one who think's i'm shy.
Oh i tell you look beyond,
I can take you there.


It's a clouded, dark evening.
The sun can't see.
It's close to eerie, 
where you think the angels can't be.
And then comes along this lady clad in white,
She asks you if you're tired, 
and if you're also searching for the light.

For the first time, 
you look at her in delight.
it's not a ghost anymore,
it's just out of sight.

you say to her,
"oh! you can see me"
how come?
she says it's the weather,
care to jump?

You ask her where to go from here,
She says non ti preoccupa.
You' raise your eyebrow,
you're not the least occupied.

but the meaning stays clear,
don't you worry child.
And you think to yourself,
how pleasant, how mild?

the moment passes,
the wind against your face lashes,
her hair blows, it strikes your face.
It cuts through your mind,
It's making your blood race.
There's adrenaline in your body,
shivering as you must.

She slowly touches your palm,
What happened to your trust?
There, you're shattered.
and you don't know where you may be.
There she stands, and you cannot flee.

Because you love to be destroyed.
and you love to born again.
Like a Phoenix from it's ash.
Never knowing how high it's flown,
In it's life before,
Flying higher every time,
unaware of what was,
in everlasting fear of what will be.

She said i have to go,
and you said i cannot do much,
she said you have to stop me,
and you said i cannot budge.
It's your touch that has me numb,
and its your being that has me strung,
Strung to this drug,
this pain inside.

I want to hurt myself,
I want to drown in the tide.
She said you're too young to become the ocean,
You said i'm bound to nothing in devotion.
I'm just me, and i don't see more in water.
She said this way,
Yourself you'll slaughter.

And then crossed this spark, like fire through water,
and your eyes started to burn darker.
What is it! she said? what's wrong with your face?
What do you feel, what's the real deal?

You said I cannot be destroyed,
For i do not exist.

She said,that's not true!
you just told me i could see you!
you smiled!

And you said,
Well, you're just like me.
No different as the ocean and the sea.

Stop playing, you're scaring me!
What is it? What do you see?

I see you, I see me.
It's what i know,
I know nothing of what's to be.

Well, then. It's a lost cause isn't it?

Then something happened,
like a firework in the darkest night.
they disappeared forever.
Out of sight.

I forgot to mention,
Her name was light,
his name was eternal.
And they took it far, far away.


  1. Beautiful as always. I can't wait to read your next post. Wish you could post at least every other week. I need your poetry in my life. Thank you and take care!