Sunday, 3 May 2015

Theatrium - A prelude

How do i make him see it? How do i protect her?
There's a story behind a story!

It's starts with a complex thread of situations developed from the past,
Turning into the future, and coming together to form the present.
It wouldn't make any sense if it weren't interlinked.

A life that has been lived by so many, many times before, 
It's not, not true anymore.
It's felt within this simple vibration that slowly starts to arise,
and once you're completely acquainted with it's gentle sorrow,
It's starts to fade in, and out over and over again,
It becomes like a riff, a soft wild promise, 
A melody like no other, yet it sounds like every other beautiful piece,
Of music, that you've heard before.

It's a state of music, entranced by beautiful eyes shining in the distance,
yet you never notice how easy it is to lose track of time, 
like a silent harp playing in the background,
It's strings plucked with a stroke of easiness,
releasing ripples into the air,
like water in the sea, 
echoing, causing a chain of events,
so minute that you can't feel, or see it at times,
yet it surpasses like the blowing hurricane,
it's bound to cause.
It's nature and nature has it all.

Graphic arts by Scyther Project

Chaos is a part of the whole,
And without it a whole cannot exist,
yet you can't call it chaos, 
such as you can't tell whats good or bad between the two,
Well so does your perception, 
But you, you can choose to stay silent about it.
Watch it gently tear you apart from the inside,
And the next morning as you awake from the grave,
you calmly lay into, you'd know that the world has changed.

Oh well, It might not have changed but certainly you have.
You have new eyes to see, to sense that you're not the man you were.
You're not the man you were last night.
You're not as available today, as you thought yourself to be.
But keep the thought in mind, 
It's being awake to the day, and to the day to you.
As it comes gushing, in a flux of emotions,
Or gentle puffs, out of your smiling lips.

She sat there, looking up in the night.
The moon was full, bright.
Staring into the twilight,
knowing she's not the woman she was the night before.
She's smiling of course, she's more than her.
She's more than what she felt she ever could be,
And funny saying that it was only yesterday.

What was this night, that a lifetime passed by?
I'm only growing younger.
The essence of experience, flowing like a waterfall.
Her luscious red lips, beating with the fullness of her pulse.
And so she burnt, like the cigarette, on her tasty red lips.

She let down her hair, after a while.
Shallow exchanges at the bar.
She stared into her whisky, as the sunlight poured in,
Gleaming and glowing with the dust seeming like fireflies.
It's only the morning after, and i'm a year younger.
Life isn't so bad, is it?

How do i make her see it? How do i protect him?
^ do you understand now ^


  1. Just in time aren't you. Reading this as I'm growing younger...

    1. go on and go forth, until you're not anonymous anymore..
      even then, don't stop

    2. I'm no one you had met
      Only a frequent dreamy guest
      Yet I think I really do get
      When you speak your chest

    3. I'm glad it so be that i haven't met you before,
      And i'm glad you lay just as silent on my beach shore,
      Now you may want to tread into the forest that lies ahead,
      It's a simple walk, don't fret.

  2. It's a tough walk, our journey towards the light,
    And tougher when we forget to give the heart its part.
    Always young like kids and with eyes overflowing bliss,
    We will make our way through this, enjoying the littlest bits, never minding the bleeding knees...