Friday, 24 July 2015


I finally discovered what i like.
I finally made it, to the point of realization of what happiness means.
I finally connected to the space where the materialistic and unreal meet.
I finally understood what it feels to stand on the bridge.

It's this feeling that i never understood.
Why do people go to work?
Why do we live in a world which doesn't live.
Why do we feel like we always ask for things that life doesn't give?
It's a true story, everyone has to live out there own glory.
Everyone is the savior in their own story.

To some it's to put food on the table at the end of the day.
For some it's sleeping under the stars, or crashing the in barn hay.
We see mountains, and then we realize how small we are.
We see forests, and then realize how alive the planet is.
We see flowers, and then understand what color really means.

I don't know how or what we should do to live our lives,
When the purpose of life is to give it a purpose.
But you see one's purpose, looks to one as turquoise.
But turquoise to me might be bottle green.
So as to say that every mans blue might have a slight difference in hue,
It's how we perceive and how we're built to be.

I don't blame humanity, if we're called heading towards insanity.
Of course, we're complex creatures, more complex than some.
But to know what we are, is something that can never be done.
As science expands, so does philosophy.
They go hand in hand.
The more one knows, the further the other discovers.
It's like a dark winding road,
And seen by the two headlights of your machine.
You don't know what lies ahead, 
The front of the car is the only thing you can see.

But as your go further, you learn to trust your own wheels.
Because as far as you go, you discover the road ahead.
Of course, something could jump out of the sides,
That would take you a little by surprise.
But hey what's there to life if there isn't risk.

Why can't you say it simply, because you cannot understand.
Why can you not play the game, as its never planned.
I try and make a difference, but i can't do much beyond what i can comprehend,
I cannot make a decision, without seeing it's loose ends.
When i'm down and broken, everything seems alright,
It's when i'm uplifted, that the worlds drowning out of sight.

Oh when it pains you, i feel like i'm ecstatic.
It's only the moment, you see.
All the colors seem monochromatic.

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