Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hai detto la verita.. vero?


So it's known for a fact that the universe is known
to work is the strangest of ways,
Yet such vast a phenomena cannot be explained
in the mere cosmic play of words
You see that there are many things that
could go one way or another at one point of time.
And every opportunity thought of can be thought
 to end in the eventual perceived result,
but the problem/fun part of the equation is,
every action thought about to lead to that eventual outcome
 is a series of decisions,
and their aftermath through which we have arrived.
Hence suggesting the fact that even those decisions which you took,
which made you arrive at the final decision,
has a series of reactions,
and though we can think of what can or cannot happen,
Can we ever tell?

Think about it,
would you be able to know for sure what happens next,
so as to describe the future,
perceived by you and your perception of how things will react to it?

So about these parallel decisions thought of at one point of time.
They did actually take place.
But they took place, in your thought process.
Simplified, your stream of consciousness.
Simplified further, the consciousness of the world.
(do you think it has one?)

You know when it happens that these occurrences took place,
Maybe they happened in an alternate universe?
Could it be possible that those actions in these alternate universes,
circled around to change something in our very own universe?
Our very own being.
The fact being how can they arrive here,
even if it does exist.

So you mean to say that the universal consciousness,
Is not applicable for these other universes,
Given that there exist any?

Of course, 
I might just be talking about a multiverse.

Wait, what?

I mean a definition to a body of many universes together?
That means that you have to call it multiverse consciousness!

If i called it a multi-verse conscience, 
wouldn't universal conscience already mean that?

The fact being, that i called it universal upto what i know,
Or lets say science knows, there exists.
But when it finds it, 
It'll just be called a multi-verse conscience of parallel realities.

Or not?
Think about that,
The past, the present, the future.
What if they are happening together and interact with each other?
Who is to know that someday we arrive to that multi-universe,
And see ourselves 20 years ago, or in front.

What if anything i change in the present,
may change my future for good.
Yeah, you're correct.
I got that from Back to the Future.
Look at this, it was today, when they went into the future!
That ought to count for something, yes?

But hey, think about it man.
They called it 'back' to the future for a reason.
Stop frowning, i'm not going to say the government is out to get us.
Or our food is not food.
Or money is not real.

I'm just asking you to wonder about how intriguing it would be,
If what you're reading right now(present)
is probably changing something in your 40's,
And every thought you take is causing this,
In multiple versions of reality.

Maybe you, yes you.
are probably not even realizing when you dream,
and when you're do you're actually in another reality.
The only fact being that it's just the same familiar surroundings?

Okay, 'it' gets it.
There can be a million realities to be seen.
Or known, or thought about.
What matters is what we are doing here, at this moment.
Which is weaving a path of complexity, or subtlety,
Happiness or sorrow.
childishness or maturity.
Conformity or insecurity.

Or maybe what clothes i'm going to wear in college tomorrow,
Does that color suit those boots?
Oh wait, i have to meet the colleague of mine,
who never asked me for my name,
but told me her whole life story?
Oh man, i got clean up my room.
So will it really help if you prayed?

I believe so, si.
Prayer would eventually be thoughts in your mind yes.
Thoughts sent out to this stream of consciousness.
Thoughts sent out to the atmosphere,
Swirling out through all the wood, the concrete, the metal, glass,
Swooshing through pollution and electronic frequencies,
Entangling through the clouds and water, and oxygen and carbon,
moving into vibrations as they hit space,
eventually moving something somewhere, in this solar system.
In the other solar systems.
In the galaxies, through wormholes,
through the third, fourth and fifth dimensions,
(yo, interstellar is a GOOD watch, man)

And then into the universe, finally dissolving.

Did you read the whole thing?
The multiverse man!
Who's counting the other universes,
Or the galaxy of the universes,
Well, I tell you,
Interstellar, good movie.
Oh inception wasn't bad either.
(Seriously, not bad??)

So what i mean to tell you, 
is that actions, reactions, contraction, and relaxation.
Respiring and exhaling.
Working, or sailing.
Smoking or drinking,
Smiling, or just blinking.

The Illusion of progress, might be progress itself.

Why'd you say that man,
Oh well, ask yourself?

Belief is a beautiful armor,
that makes for the heaviest sword.
It's like punching underwater,
You never really hit who you're trying for.

oh, John Mayer, you're a good guy.

Here;s a little sonic love from me,
For this new planet, Kepler.


Oh, and they found flowing water on MARS.
It's about time, ain't it?
They're planning to send in human settlements to MARS,
create humanity from scratch,
not make the same mistakes again.

History is being made.
How would you like a one way trip?

See you around !


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