Monday, 22 February 2016


So begins to unravel, a story of solitary travel,
The point where the object lay stationary, yet unraveled.
the end of an era is the beginning of another,
with words come the power to smother.

Money is the root of all problems caused,
the way we use it the fruit of what lies in our thoughts.
I start with a simple lie, and i see the other children cry.
I ask myself why must i listen to their pain,
It reveals itself now, 
listening is the only comprehensible frame.
For what our eyes see these days.

To understand is not a must, 
or to judge if what happens to them is unjust,
I just sit there and glance,
what seems to you like trance.

So everyday they woke up, 
they went to bed silently.
So every night, their heart shook,
 their heads throbbed violently.
I've tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
And i was not offended
for i knew i had to rise above it all.
Or drown, in my own shit.

I know what you must be thinking,
 of course you're just human.
What's the point of a story with no beginning
 and no seeming end,
Don't you see little human,
 you're just perceiving a followed trend?

Why must it make sense,
 what story do i have to tell?
When write i must, 
it's your story or dust?
If it's silver or lead,
 then i'd gladly join the dead,
Because if silver is all you know, 
then you'll never know.
The value of Gold,
 the value of letting it all unfold.

Look around you, 
the sun is bright.
Everyday we work, to gather one or the other, insight.
I mourn to learn, the secrets of the past.
The other day i learnt
the spells that i'm now going to cast.
You know it can't exist, 
that's why you call it magic.
And then you someone you know just disappeared, 
and you call it tragic?

What's this industry,
 these people who seem to know.
What's this stage they command us on,
 can they ever understand your flow?
It's sad to learn that there's a long way to go, 
before any one of the soldiers will fall.
For the army is already marching,
 if that's what you call.
The troops are fighting,
 the battle has already begun.
There's someone, somewhere watching,
 you can't even try and run.

I'm going to seize you by the neck,
 and pick you up into the skies,
Said Zeus.
I'm going to tear your tiny legs apart,
 and feed you to the clouds,
They're formed by tears of the people you hurt,
They've been waiting to rain out loud.
I've seen you act, all this way through, 
and now you stand before me.
I can't let you in, unless i see you in three.

If you must ask, 
I need you in three pieces,
 A head, a body and feet if you must.
And then i will cast my shiny little spell,
Oh and be careful, try not to yell.

You will lose everything you ever thought of was pain,
And then i'll touch you, 
and you'll feel like you've been hit by a train.

Why, oh why, would you do this to me?
Am i not beautiful,
 Am i not in three?
I have a soul, a body and mind,
I've the age of small little wild child.
I'm naughty yes, 
the dark spider bit me once,
But i danced and danced,
 till the bread turned to crumbs.

Don't you ever touch me, 
All i feel for you is hatred,
Don't you ever love me, 
You know it's overrated.

And then, He cried.
I know you've been loved,
I know that you've loved before.
But now where i'm going to take you,
Is to temptational shores.
It's made with such grace
That the best of men stutter,
It's made of an unforgivable trace,
It makes the best of women start to mutter.

Every other day i'm counting myself as dutiful.
As you sit there, and sip, 
and laugh in disguise,
I'm sitting here and 
counting the million'th time you try.
You can do it all you want, 
but you'll never truly understand,
What am i trying to tell,
 what have i planned?

Oh, and then you'll see, 
What your so called folks say,
It's not your say.
When you know
We've been hurt, been down before.
It's too strong a battle to let go,
Right in my basement of dreams
those severed heads go.

Oh i forgot, i had to let you know.
They're coming to get you, and you have nowhere to go.

Rest in peace, friend.
See you on the other side.