Friday, 25 March 2016

L'effetto (An - 'is it a true story?') by Scyther Project

An untimely sorrow befalls us, the time has come as foretold once,
I'm sitting in the gently drifting boat, upon the seas of my doing,
I'm carelessly caressed by a river of haunting tranquility,
there is so much silence.
There is no chaos anymore,
 the world has disappeared on the distant shore,
there is so much silence.

This kind of calmness, i've never experienced before.
I never thought tranquility could bear such a face.
It's not ugly, but it's ever so haunting.
There's this gloomy purple, all behind it.
Yes, it's so beautiful you can hear the slightest twitch,
yet there is so much more to the witch.

She floats above the river, in eerie white shades,
casting down lullabies and scattered haze.
Her eyes glisten with starvation, 
she hasn't been breathing in a while.
Who ever she touches, she robs them through the veins.
She gently draws out the air, from every single being,
once touched, she can't stop from feeling.
She want's the feeling to pierce her through,
Yet she doesn't care. She doesn't realize.
She doesn't want to know.

Yeah, she's a valkyrie.
She sucks out energy with her spell casting smile.
Her voice, as light as a bird, she smiles.
Her haunting, beautiful dying face.
There is so much silence.

It's absurd, this reality.
There is no story to live.
There is no tale to tell.
There is fate to be expected.
You've gone too far ahead to try and look back.
You've gone too far ahead to relate to what now is.

You've broken yourself, by breaking the realm.
There is just peace.
There is just silence.
There is magic, it is ever evolving.

You may never see it.
You may feel it. But haven't you already?
Haven't you felt it a million times in your stomach?

What the fuck are you.
What have you done to me.
Who am i talking to?
There is so much silence.

It's creepy, y'know.
Hearing so much when there is nothing there to listen.
It's one of the worst feelings in the world.
Just voices.
Voices rambling inside your head.
It's unfortunate.
Maybe it's not.

A blessing in disguise?
Who am i kidding.
Blessings are never disguised.
You just know it.

In a simple story, of life and beyond,
where metaphysics and vibrations emerge from the dark,
where there are fruits sprouting directly from a bark,
where tales are told in whispers and hushed sound,
where a smile is feared, a touch is out of bounds.

Yeah, it's the best joke mankind has heard.
You're free to do what you want.
Now, what are you going to do?

The clouds vanish, there is a whistling wind blowing.
The sky is mildly purple, a little pink here and there gloating.
Oh, you wandering stranger,
Come shelter in my nest,
I have warmth, i have a tender breast.
Rest upon my shoulder, rejoice as you must.

You're a weary traveler, and i'm full of lust.
I hold you by the hand, and gently feel your lips,
There's so much softness, your supple, radiating skin.
I'm intrigued by what i might do to you.
I want to take you there.

The curtains fall, there's wine floating all around me.
Red, as blood and as mischievous as it's consumers.
It's a shady little story, there's controversy.
There's nature and it's manipulation.
Like the weather these days, y'know.

There is so much silence.
I feel like it's killing me.
Or maybe i'm killing it.

She gasps, her arms fall on the soft linen,
she's smiling.
She's glowing.
It's fading.
Everything is flashing, 
with minute glimpses of her eyes twinkling,
her lips pressing themselves, 
her muscles contracting,
she want's to know more.

I sit there, floating in this boat.
There's nothing around me.
It's all blue, it's all different shades of blue.

I feel like i can't breathe.
The smoke is overflowing, 
it's filling the room with grey tones of death.
My blues are fighting to survive.

They're forming a sort of waterfall.
I can see a shadow.
There's no light.
I can see a shadow.
There's no light here.

I can see.
I can see.




There is so much silence here.
I can see.
There's a look on your face, 
that can't understand what you just understood.

And you know what,  
i don't care.


  1. if you weren't real, I would make you up

    Power to you.

  2. Need more of your words where are you?