Monday, 18 July 2016

The Bed of Lies - A story to be True

First and foremost,
I've recently composed a new forest experimental track,
I would like to share it with y'all
Scyther Project - ShowBizzMess (VA-Untouchable Aura) D NOIR RECORDS - IT

If truth were ever to be told,
they always used to say old is gold.
Now i arrive upon the time,
I find that my own soul is sold.

Into the depths of darkness, 
I longed to be bound by it,
This spiral revealing a circular reality,

How could i question it's existence?

It's ironic how there's hope when there's light,
And how the dark is supposed to help you find it.
But innocent we are, when we believe, 
that you're going to finally unwind it.

Yes, you can see it, 
It's within your reach.
Come, o' dear child,
Spread your wings, and preach.
I know it's a long walk, 
but you've been given wings to fly,
come my dear, it's time to get high.

So, I've come to this point where i let go of  hope.
I've come to this point where i diminish life, it's potential scope.
There's pain and suffering in this city and by what it's bound.
Temporary Solitudes by Attilio Tripodi

There's barely anyone who's breathing, not many can hear much sound.
There are smiling creatures, there are glimpses of nature.
But the modern lie is to satisfy your eyes,
because to touch would be getting into bed with the spies.

How could you do this,
how could you not see.
 How could you hold it in,
how could you be.
You're not real, neither am i, 
You can still touch me, but i can't even feel.

You can still kiss me, but i can't even see.
There's a sense of discomfort,
the way i like it to be.
There's a feeling in my stomach,
but i can't even count to three.


These feelings are undone.
It's easy, to live the lie.
It's easy to close thy eye.
But there's another one watching,

I'd like to give it a thought.
Be with you,
see all your childish cravings through,
but then i've got mine,
and those aren't as fine.
Aren't as clean as yours,
I'm not so good at hiding my flaws.

I have desires, but they're not of those sorts.
They're not humanly, they're asking for a lot.
This sadism is well kept under,
For once it's out,
I'm an exposed blunder.
And then i yearn,
I feel the need to kill.

I feel the fire, that's burning within,

Don't mistake me,
It's not mine.
I can look into you,
I can see your heat through.
You've left me scattered, in a thousand pieces of glass.
I've been stepped on a million times after, 
there's blood filled in that flask.

It's the one thing i want you to drink,
It's the only thing that i'd do,
I won't even blink.
I want to caress your soul,
As i've already done with mine.

I want to rip you apart.
so as to make you mine.
It's gory, isn't it?
This story of love.

Well, I never said it's about me and you.
It's not always about letting her fly away,
The white dove.
Somewhere along the way, 
i'd let her fly.
Only to let my eagle hunt her down,
Chase the prey.

Watch her squeal into the battle in the haze.
Then splatter blood, 
the air is unjust.
The eagle has made it's kill.

The dove barely breathe's.
Now, now.

Would you call it a sin?

So i ask you now,
what would you make of me.
Do you still think you know me?
Do you still think we can be?

I'd let you in,
on this small little secret.
I'd let you open this one little door.

Bring me a knife, 
slice open your vein.

Drink to me,
And let me drink into you.
Then we can sin.

How about that,
weren't we always human.
How about that now,
that's a pretty picture,
zoom in.

You look beautiful,
That white dress of yours.
I can see your scars.
You're full of flaws.

I want to do things to you.
That you wouldn't let a man do.
But then again i'm almost human,
Only that i'm colored blue.

Yeah, you're right.
I'm getting aggressive.

It's only a matter of time.
The results are impressive.

You see, a human can only do so much.
Until he goes beyond.
Until he crosses the line, and such.
Who do you think makes these lines?

These shining lines of white light.
They're just a mix of pain and pleasure,
until they can rid you of your only treasure.

It's the last border.
It's your personal request to your daemon,
Your last order.
Once you're done, 
You're in for good.

You can never take off your hood.
A Joker, A Magician.
An Assassin, A Thief.

A lair full of grief.
A bed full of lust.
A dungeon filled with fire.
A thirst for painful desire.

Come, o' dear child.
Share you sins.
The games are about to begin.

Let's Evolve.
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