Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Drowning in Space

Flash of bright light. Bang, A wailing sound in the air.
Gentle breeze, eerie silence, water dripping on the wooden planks of the floor.
Open door, carelessly creaking. A rocking chair, moving itself back and forth.
An empty cup on the edge of the table.

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You're probably out there wondering what signs are these,
I'm probably a lonely lumberjack in the forests of Montreal.
You've known these words for so long, but they haven't known you for a while now.

Yes, you. Oh love of the birds, gentle music of the trees.
Nature's child. Fantastic, ecstatic love.
There's beauty in your dimly lit eyes. I can see worlds, not just emptiness.
I can finally see, oh, I can finally be.
I do not know where the wind can take me, but I can finally fly.

You know those times of grief and pain,
where your whole world stops to breathe.
You can listen to your second breath taking over,
You can feel it's drowsy influence over your mind.
You know those times, where nothing seems fine,
And you have only yourself to blame.
Oh well, where will you go, when there's no-one left to save you from yourself?
You can't escape the truth. I realize you're afraid, but I can't protect the whole world.
You can't escape the truth.

I've told you this a thousand times, though a thousand times seem shallow.
For what lies beyond this truth, Is the secret of eternal youth.
You just have to cross the threshold.
What are these secrets I'm talking about, you ask?
I'd give you a hint or two if you were right in front of me.
I could run my palm across your face and you'd know.

You'd know that there's nothing that you or I could ask for,
And there's nothing that they could take away from us.
Only one another, and each others shadows which we can't differ.

Which one's mine? Which one's yours?
These two universes have collided. I don't see a route for redemption.
All I see is wailing, all I hear is pain.
Yet, I find this absolutely amusing.
 What is it, where have we reached? ...
Please, come in. Do it like it's in your heart. Sit yourself, Serve yourself.
I know, there's a bit of disorder, and you haven't yet seen the head.
There, is a grand chaos, but i'm going to fix it.

To start with a fresh drop of blood,
I'd say you completely misunderstood me.
You completely drowned into my charm.
And you mistook me.
You intended to give me your heart, but instead you found mine.
And now the whole world feels like it's running without time.

Your gentle eyes, your kindly smile,
I want to know more.
Your soft touch, and your skin so fine,
I wanted to know more.
You wrathful desires, your intimate fire,
I wanted to feel some more.
The breakdown of time, and moving beyond divine,
I feel like there's still hope.

An untimely sorrow, a despair only borrowed,
The lover's cry.
A soul is lost under time and it's dust,
I can't find myself anymore.

I lost myself, I cannot recline,
I don't know where I'm headed.
I surged through water, through wind and fire,
And Earth is nowhere to arrive.

I found some trust,
In the merciless fire of lust,
And now it the peels down the crust.
The ink is fresh, Like a wound in the flesh,
The story has just begun.

I waited a while, for this wheel to be spun.
The world will now become undone.

1 comment:

  1. when the cloud over your mind, finally breaks and rains to remind
    You of me, covering you

    A place will always be saved

    And i hope one day you’ll see
    That I’m not your enemy