Monday, 3 October 2011

A bigger meaning.

There is no bigger meaning to life, is what my friend told me.
That's pretty true i think , we're all living.

We all think we're living for a reason.
Like you know , everybody has their own reasons to live.
You're living your life working for a better future, a better place to be in.
We're all struggling to make a place for ourselves.

But what i'm talking about is , that in my life, the 20 years i've lived it,
I've seen so much change.
In people , in times, in our surroundings , the world.

Everything is developing.
20 years into the world and we are at the peak of development.
All the things we generally need have been invented, and technology is supporting our every need.
We have devised the perfect way for survival.

I think of my life ahead of me.
Let's assume i have at least 40-50 more years to go.
More than double the time i've seen all this change in.

What's lying behind this curtain.
What more is there to come. Why can i not jump into the time there is to come,
See whats ahead of me.

I can only imagine us as a whole, homo - sapiens.
We're such a tiny dot when i think of the earth, around these planets and the sun.
Our tiny solar system.
When i think about this , yesterday night, in my balcony, talking to my friend,
I imagine us , all of us in this tiny planet.

 The night traveled, it was day and sunshine outside.
It's still dark here.
This is the first time i though about this.
What if we come to such a peak , when we can travel to the other millions of system outside ours.
What will we discover, will we find new life forms.
Who sustained, survived , evolved, learnt from us , and benefited.
Or those, just like us, humans, on an entirely new system, living their lives, in their own world.
Will they have the same faces like us? Will they be different to look at?
Will they be powerful enough to take us on, or will we communicate, and transform each other.
Two different worlds, learning only through communication.

Neither is capable enough to enter, but wise enough to transform as we speak.
There are no answers, none whatsoever.

I personally believe , that's a bigger meaning to life.
But the truth is, there are no answers.
Life goes on, every day.
Hour by hour, Minute by minute.
We live, it out just to live, to survive.
Waiting for a better tomorrow, waiting to achieve the perfect yesterday everyday, waiting for a better meaning.

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