Tuesday, 4 October 2011

In her boots

Sitting with one of those who know me more than i know myself, hearing about her life, alone in another place.
This angel. helpful and innocent. A face that would bring a smile to any sorry ass, around. Away from her loved ones, surviving on her own , creamy or not , it's a different world whatsoever outside of your safe place right?

Lived all her childhood here, now so far away, observing , learning , feeling , sharing.
It's glam , of course. But, when you need someone, you do need someone right?
There is no person there to listen , when that inner  child comes out, wants to play, wants to run in those fields again, the feeling that there is this watchful eye over me.
You can't replace that.

However old you may be, you'll never be able to dance alone.
You do have your wings, you have spread them , you flew.
But what does one do, when those wings don't get you the feeling of home when you need to.

It's not an opinion from me, i just think shes feeling this way.
So strong on the outside, yet there is this little spark of vulnerability.

My opinions don't change, even if i can feel what she's feeling.
Spread those wings, test them. See how far you can fly. Once you've started, there's no point going back right.
That's a stupid decision if you decide to turn. Even if you don't , your minds still stuck on that thought, half the while. What are you worth then? you're weak, you'll never make it.

Look at that eagle.
The great magnificent eagle, gliding so high above.
It can see everything, it knows what's going down.
Its the best at what it does. Kill, eat, survive.
No one should underestimate it, it's leap of faith can leave your eyes wide open.
The fear of the swiftly moving bird, soaring right at you, screeching with its yellow eyes about to pop.
Might scare a few i'd say.

I'm no one to decide, but don't fucking give up.
we all have a shell to get out of only to find out that we have to shape the next one.
And as usual, you'll have to wait it out. Everyday life, still goes on.

Until next time 

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