Monday, 3 October 2011

To keep you satisfied.

She would sit by her sofa, staring at the fog. She would wonder about her past, burning her smokes to ash.
She would wonder what happened to her, the life she cherished,
It all came down to a single spilt second.

Why do I need him.
The question keeps looping in her mind,
Why did I tell him that.

It kills her to see him with someone else, it kills her everyday, to see him smiling was a bliss to her, yet that smile she hates, because that smile isn't for her, its by her.

She won't understand or even choose to listen, she burns like the cigarette on her tasty red lips, wondering about the forgiven sin, she chooses to forget, but she knows she can't. Ever wondered why it couldn't fall into place? Let's leave it up to her.

What I believe isn't something she would ask for, what I pray for isn't something she longs for. Its time and time isn't ours to stop, its a while since we've seen that smile and time is what would heal the wounds.

But then the scar remains. Its a big question, wanting something, you don't know if you should wait for the person to want you back, or if you should ask for nothing and still want something.

Truth is, having something is easy, but waiting to have something, its intruiging. Life is a button, push it, but don't ask when its going to stop. 

Passing by a lonely street, I heard a distant scream, no. it isn’t a dream.
I’m really seeing my own soul bleed. Those dark eyes numb with pain, hate, and shame.

Nope, I can’t reach out to my soul, it’s an unending, deep dark hole.
Through my bleeding tears I see. What was meant to be?

Here it comes. Here is my end. No room to pretend. Here is my life’s last bend.
I can’t run anymore. It’s just an endless road. Lots of up’s and down’s.
All I could do was frown. I can’t believe what I’m seeing from my own eyes.

Open up your eyes, save me from what’s been broken. It’s such a long way out of here.
All this time I’ve waited, never seemed to change. Sinking with these steps,

Scared of what might be next. My instincts disappear.
The only voice I hear, is telling me to run away from here. Don’t be afraid.
No one left to blame, don’t shut me out.
This is the face of life, you start, you have fun, and you enjoy and take pride.
Don't get shut down by the low, don't get hurt by the flow.

Just face what you need to , cos you shall reap only what you sow.

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