Thursday, 20 October 2011

Coldest Winter

I will never alter your frame of mind, you're too sad in your ways.

To believe human beings have their own way in their heads that they think,
is right and nothing can tell them that what you're doing is a path towards self-destruction and pretty soon, 
when they do realize that it's going to fuck up, they don't have anywhere to run to.

The feeling of losing someone dear to an unsettled storm.
Something that stirs a violent emotion in you.
You've seen it happening, it's all around you.
You've been through it, you've seen the shadows, the dark gloomy side.
From the outside, it's a bright wild feeling, the sun is warm and the breeze is cold.

It's getting colder everyday, i can feel the chill last longer.

You know, its not about what we're doing, its about how we've been doing it.
You can't question a practice even if its wrong because it has always been around our lives.
Choice has a lot of value, i'd say.
For a human being, the beginning of the world or the end of it as we know it, will always be stuck around in the normal realm we all pursue, the happiness from thought, the loneliness without.

All this talk is getting old, all these words are rusting, they won't make a difference till you let them.
Don't blame me if i don't stay, don't hurt if i didn't say goodbye, i'm watching you with my bleeding eyes, i can see the storm brewing.
It's just human tendency, it's just the pain that you've learnt to bear.
When you see beyond the realm of pain, that's where you might skip a heartbeat.
Found that world a long while ago, and beyond the world of pain, there is no pleasure whatsoever.

It really is getting colder, the chill has stuck to the spine.
Somethings just never change, but sometimes, change isn't what we need.
What we lack is hope, if there isn't a feeling in you, that you'll manage it, maybe you'll never manage it, and if you do, maybe you will never have deserved to.

The surreal territory, is only a state of your imagination, but keep up with this, and you will just have fenced all around it, and once your farm of imagination is limited, you have nothing to lose, but you'll never have anything you can gain again.
Its you who started this cycle, it's only your will that can end it.
You've made the same mistakes, but i took the fall for you.

Cheers my people, you owe it to yourselves, if you could smile today, knowing it's going to be dim, knowing you've committed the sin.
How would you live, As a fugitive?
Because tomorrow isn't sure if it wants to come at all, and today is disappointed to see our turnout fall.

Good luck to ye all,  It's going to be the coldest winter, yet.

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