Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Embrace yourself

As we sit here, bound in the realm of time and functionality,
stuck in the vicious cycle of searching up a story and gulping it down as your life,
accepting what you see, cos what you see will be the only thing you'll believe.
Your imagination becomes a door way, a guidance, a cheerful foreplay,
you listen to the little man in you , you learn his ways, you shut up him up forever, you act brave.

What you know now has the power to take you beyond, it's the limitless force which fuels you.
There's no stopping now, there's nothing that can fool you.
There's this secret no one never dare share, you'll need to look past the normal, look beyond in space,
through stars and showers, flying above skyscrapers and towers.
You just have to close your eyes and wonder where to go, this thing you've learnt will give you your answer,
there's too much to learn , there's too much to transfer.

You can listen to the voice, you can let it hold you together, you don't have to fear.
You have a being, now accept it's soul, cos only the mind knows best, haven't you been told?
Keep your frame, you just need an instruction, trust what you think and you'll never have an obstruction.
It's the skilled play of manipulation, of construction, you do what it asks you to, you don't ever raise a question.
Why fight with your own head, when there are a million other reasons, disappointments have been  like seasons, and you've always regretted treason?

Open your doors, learn to let go.
Because time is ours to grasp, there won't ever be a need to feed on the past.
Promise to practice what you preach, because there's nothing a teacher can't teach.
It's the lies and the unfaithful feast, that's here to lure some mistreat,
So sit back, relax. Sip a hot mug .
You're already on the way to fixing these calculated bugs.

Keep your cool, keep your nose up,
There's nothing you can't do, there's no one that could interrupt.
Time to wear some different boots, you're on your own now, don't choose the sad flute.
You are what you see, what you see is what you can believe, cos there's nothing you'll ever miss, when you've learnt you have a mind like this. 

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